capybara t-shirt

Funky Capybaras

About the project

Animalzz is a sustainable clothing line based in Denmark.This Denmark-based brand creates products only from sustainable and upcycled materials in a fair wage environment.

They approached me to create a set of graphite illustrations with funky animals. After some brainstorm meetings, we decided to go with a set of 7 fun capybaras doing all kinds of stuff, from karate to rock music.

Bag with capybara pattern
Funky capybara type play
Karate capybara beer pad
shirt label
Animalzz logo
logo zzlogo zz
Capybara with a cap
capybara with a lolipop
karate capybara
Sir capybara with a mustache
Capybara with socks
Rock capybara
Swimming capybara