Derek and the dominos vinyl - fan art

Derek & the Dominos Cover Redesign

About the project

This is a school assignment for my Masters in BAU Design College of Barcelona. The assignment was to redesign an album cover using portraits. In my case, the album is Layla and Other Assorted Love songs by Derek and the Dominos.  

I decided to go with this album not only because it’s often regarded as Eric Clapton’s greatest music achievement but also because of the love story behind it.

Pattie left Harrison behind once she heard Clapton’s music

This album was made as a love cry from Clapton to Pattie Boyd, who at the time was married to his close friend George Harrison. The idea behind the illustration is to show how Pattie left Harrison behind once she heard Clapton’s music, and stopped being who she was to become Clapton’s wife.

On the original cover, you can see a blonde figure, resembling Pattie. Clapton also insisted that the painting in the cover shouldn’t have any typography on top of it.This is why Pattie is the centre piece of this redesign, and why I decided to keep the cover unadorned, with no text added to give either the band’s name or the title of the album.