Every pencil you need for sketching, drawing and coloring in Procreate. Best pencil brush pack for Procreate.
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Digital realistic pencil brushes for procreate and photoshop
These pencils brushes work perfect for sketching and for the finished detailed drawings
Perfect digital pencils for every style of drawing
Digital pencils that feel like real pencil
Awesome pencil brushes for black and white drawings
Coloured digital pencils for procreate and photoshop
Realistic pencils for Procreate and Photoshop
Best digital pencils for Procreate and Photoshop
Hair and fur brushes for Procreate and photoshop
Realistic coloured pencil digital illustration
Free coloured palettes for Procreate
How to make realistic pencil illustrations in Procreate

33 Digital Pencils for Procreate and Photoshop that feel just like drawing with a real pencil on paper.

These brushes were created to improve your digital drawing experience, and help you create beautiful pencil illustrations and sketches everywhere!

They’re perfect for every style of drawing, like character design, gesture drawing, quick sketches, drawing, and even coloring.

They also work perfectly for every part of the drawing process. From the sketch to the final drawing.

Carefully created from real-life scans, these digital pencils are as close as to the real thing you’ll ever get!

You can use your Apple Pencil or stylus just like you would a regular pencil. Using it normally to get sharp and pressure-sensitive strokes or tilting it to get looser and softer strokes.

This set includes:

• 33 Custom Brushes from which:

  • 12 Realistic Pencils: Perfect for sketching and doing everything a real pencil can do!
  • 3 Mechanical Pencils: For details
  • 7 Shading Brushes: To help you add shadows quickly.
  • 5 Texture Brushes: For those final details.
  • 2 Specialty Brushes: Graphite fur and hair brushes give this set a unique twist.
  • 4 Amazing Tools: Realistic erasers and smudge brushes.

• 8 Free Colour Palettes to create vibrant and colourful pencil drawings.

• 15 Free Paper Textures to enhance your illustrations.

• Video Tutorial to give you all the tips on how to use your brushes.

This selection of brushes was extensively tested by users just like you to ensure the highest quality.

Create amazing pencil illustrations and sketches with the best pencil brushes for Procreate and Photoshop.

Happy sketching!

Feels like Pencil for Procreate and Photoshop

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