Every pencil you need for sketching, drawing and coloring in Procreate
23 Best pencil brushes for Procreate
Best tools for gesture drawing in Procreate
Ideal brushes for sketching, quick sketches and finished pencil illustrations
Best colored pencil brushes and tools for Procreate illustrations
Every pencil brushes for procreate you need for sketching, drawing and coloring
Feels like you're drawing with real pencil in Procreate
Versatile brushes designed to help you draw in a wide variety of illustration styles
you'll get 15 free paper textures

These brushes were created to improve your digital drawing experience, and help you create beautiful pencil illustrations and sketches anywhere!

They’re perfect for gesture drawing, quick sketching, drawing, and even coloring.

These 23 brushes were designed to feel so much like a real pencil that you’ll think you’re drawing on a piece of paper, without all the mess!

Carefully created from real-life scans, this set of 23 pencil brushes is as close as the real thing you’ll ever get.

You can use your Apple Pencil just like you would a regular pencil.

Using it normally to get sharp and pressure-sensitive strokes or tilting it to get looser and softer strokes.

This selection of brushes was extensively tested by users just like you to make sure that I could create a set of pencil brushes that you’ll love using.

You’ll love these brushes because you’ll get:

• 9 Pencil brushes, each carefully designed to feel as much as real pencil as possible

• 2 Mechanical pencil brushes, perfect for small details

• 5 Filler brushes, ideal for adding values and shadows quickly

• 4 Texture brushes, awesome for adding some extra personality to your pencil art and sketches

• 1 Kneaded eraser brush, really pressure sensitive and versatile

• 2 smudge brushes, designed to feel just like you’re using your fingers to smudge, without getting your hands dirty

• 15 High resolution paper textures for free! To help you enhance your art and give it an even more realistic look!

Create amazing pencil illustrations and sketches with the best pencil brushes for Procreate.

Happy sketching!