Learn to draw portraits like a pro with this free ebook tutorial
This Brush set i great for sketching
25 Affinity Designer brushes made out of real life textures
25 different graphite and charcoal Affinity Designer brushes
Free Ebook with over 190 Pages. Learn how to draw realistic portraits
Illustration showing the brushes used to make it
From sketch to final illustration with just one versatile brush set
Made from real life graphite swatches
Looks and feels like real graphite

Great Brushes for Sketching made with Real Graphite Textures

This Affinity Designer Brush Set will help you create pieces that look and feel like traditional media with the wonders of the digital era!

This Graphite and Charcoal Affinity Brush Pack is super versatile. You’ll easily be able to go from sketch to a final piece in one go.

Made from Real Life textures, this Brush Set is as close as it gets to the real thing!

These Affinity Brushes work on the Pixel Persona of Affinity Designer.

What do you get?

25 Pressure Sensitive Graphite and Charcoal Affinity Designer Brushes made from Real Life Textures

  • 9 Graphite Sketch Brushes
  • 7 Graphite Charcoal Brushes
  • 5 Graphite Texture Brushes
  • 4 Graphite Filling Brushes

Free Ebook Tutorial on How to Draw a Digital Portrait

In this Free Ebook, you'll find some of my best tips and tricks to create a Digital Portrait using Affinity Designer.

You'll find a detailed Step by Step on:

  • What is Shading and Why is it Important?
  • Shading Exercises to help you Improve.
  • How to Draw an Eye?
  • How to Draw a Nose?
  • How to Draw a Mouth?
  • Face Measurements and Proportions.
  • About the Affinity Graphite and Charcoal Brush set for Realistic Portraits.

25 Graphite and Charcoal Affinity Brushes for Portraits

Commercial Lincense: $14 USD