12 Leaf Stamp Brushes created to help you save time
You will get 12 different ready to use leaves
Hpw to use the Leaf Stamp brushes for Affinity - Step by Step Tutorial
Easy to use Affinity Brushes
Finish your illustrations and lettering pieces in half the time
Create Beautiful Lettering Artworks in Minutes
Don't have Affinity, no problem. You will also get well named PNG Files
No Affinity Designer, no problem. Get also a ready to use Photoshop file.

This is the perfect Brush Set if you don't know how to draw leaves or just want to save time!

🌱Add detailed leaves to your illustrations and lettering art even if you don't know how to draw them!

No matter if you're new to drawing Leaves or if you have been drawing them for years, this toolkit was thoughtfully designed to help you save time!

For Affinity Designer

These Affinity Brushes work on the Pixel Persona of Affinity Designer.

What do you get?

  • 12 Leaf Stamp Brushes for Affinity

What if I don't have Affinity Designer?

  • Don't worry, all these leaves come as well named and ready to use PNG Files with a Transparent Background.

You can just print them and color them or create new compositions, away from the computer.

And if you feel more comfortable using Photoshop, we got you.

  • You'll also find all the Stamp Leaves as a PSD File, so you can decide where you feel more comfortable and start coloring some awesome leaves!

12 Leaf Affinity Stamp Brushes

Commercial Lincense: $12 USD